Free download Flash Flip Book Creator for IPAD

Flash Flip Book Creator for IPAD

Flash Flip Book Creator for IPAD allows users to convert PDF to flipbook with several simple steps
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21 February 2013

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Apple Inc has prospered and innovated their products in such miraculous way that not even a single computer user living in distant corner of the earth doesn’t know about its products. Amongst the several class leading gadget that Apple has rolled out, the iPad takes the cake. While you are on to your iPad all the time using it for the entertainment and work purposes you must also be quite intrigued for reading wide number of notes and other reading material on your iPad. Now if you aspire for viewing the loads of PDF documents in your local drive in a completely new flipbook flash style then you need nothing but Flash Flip Book Creator for iPad 1.0. It is a wonderful application that can certainly aid in transforming the PDF documents in flipbooks effectively.

Get this PDF to flip book converting program and you can enjoy a great opportunity of reading all the PDF files you have in a realistic way. The Flash Flip Book Creator for iPpad 1.0 is a 100% result oriented software tool which guarantees fantastic output and can be amazingly luxurious to work on. When we say luxurious to work on means that it has got a simplistic UI that also is very innate and is meant for users of all age to use and master it quickly. More over you get a chance to design the output flip books in a highly elegant fashion through its customizing options. You will be served template background pictures colors and series of other thing which can be a great help to bring out best kind of flipbooks. More over you can share this flip book on the internet and get views or you can easily print it with the print option for offline use.

Definitely the Flash Flip Book Creator for iPad 1.0 scores well in our eyes as it bags 4 stars for the features and convenience it serves. It is a big yes from us!

Publisher's description

IPAD is one of the most popular tablet computers all over the world. Then we know that we can do many things with IPAD not just entertainment. There is no doubt that IPAD is a wonderful portable device for us to entertain anytime and anywhere. Then we can use IPAD in other aspects and it is doing well. For example, IPAD also can play a special role in educating. Students can download or scan the text book as images or use other ways to put the books on IPAD. When students have classes, the e-book on IPAD can instead of the normal and traditional text books.
Based on this situation, we would like to introduce you one kind of page flip software to convert PDF to flipbook with page turning animation effect. With Flash Flip Book Creator for IPAD, e-book can be converted to page flip book which is looking like the real paper text book. However, it can reduce the pressure to carry around the heavy books to go to school.
Flash Flip Book Creator for IPAD not only has the page turning effect, but also allows users to customize the layout of the PDF to flipbook. For example, define the appearance of flipbook with selecting a proper template and customize the toolbar with selecting the function icon show or hide etc. such as print or download. What's the important point is you can share the flipbook online or download it from a site easily after uploading it online.
Flash Flip Book Creator for IPAD
Flash Flip Book Creator for IPAD
Version 1.0
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